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Photo Hotel Bruna Cesenatico
Photo Hotel Bruna Cesenatico
Photo Hotel Bruna Cesenatico

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Full board in Cesenatico, where flavour meets tradition

Our secrets, passatelli pasta and the legendary piada

By revealing two traditional recipes, we can let you taste a little bit of the Romagna region that awaits you in advance:
Passatelli in brodo – Passatelli pasta in broth
You will need a special utensil to make the passatelli, known as the “ferro per passatelli”. It resembles a potato masher and is a circular piece of metal with two handles and holes through which the pasta dough is pushed. Boil the broth in a pot and prepare the dough in the meantime, which is made from breadcrumbs, nutmeg, flour, eggs and salt and pepper. Push it through the ferro and you will have the passatelli, which are similar to vermicelli pasta. Let them drop right into the boiling broth. When they float to the surface, serve them with a sprinkle of parmesan.
The Romagna piadina
Knead flour, sodium bicarbonate and lard or extra virgin olive oil together in the right quantities. Add a little water or milk to form a rather firm mixture and lay it out with a rolling pin, creating a nice round piece of dough. Begin to cook the mixture on a testo di terracotta – a traditional Romagna cooking instrument consisting of a disc of terracotta, or as is more common today, cast iron – at a high heat to cook quickly. Flatten the bubbles on the surface of the piadina with the end of a fork as they appear and move and turn over the disc of dough with a long blade knife.
Discover our take away service
Our take away service is becoming ever the more popular with our guests that want to enjoy the beach at the nicest times of the day, as well as the least crowded, or want to set off on a trip inland. You can book your basket with sandwiches or piadinas right from the menu and then pick it up early the next morning.
Cuisine is one of the pillars upon which the management of Hotel Bruna is founded, focusing on the quality and authenticity of traditional products, fusing Romagna tradition with the innovative flair of our chef.
We offer you the greatest freedom of choice from different types of board:
  • Bed & Breakfast
    When you want to take part in particular events, such as the Nove Colli cycling race, and you know you will be busy all day

  • Half Board
    Perfect for guests that want to spend their days on trips or at one of the amusement parks in the Romagna region

  • Full Board
    The most beloved and traditional option for Romagna Riviera holidays, the real way to get pampered and spoilt from arrival right up to departure
Fish or meat option every day
Every day at lunch and dinner you will have the option of choosing from a wide range of first and second courses of fish and meat, as well as hot and cold sides and a vegetable buffet. To end on a sweet note, why not try one of our fantastic desserts!
Breakfast, the best way to wake up
We will delight you in the morning with an abundant buffet full of donuts, homemade cakes, croissants and biscuits straight from our pastry chef. And of course we cannot forget about the corner for savoury lovers.